2009-03-03 12:00:35 by micsa

Hi Everyone,

The HolyCheese website has been reworked and the forums are now open for viewing.

You can visit at: <Site> <Forum>



2007-10-25 15:39:26 by micsa

Have a Laugh, Eat a Toffee

Question and Answer...

Q. What do you use to make animations?
A. Macromedia Flash 8.

Q. Where do you get insperation.
A. Usually I get an idea, dicuss it then build on it.

Q. Can you feature me in one of your flash animations?
A. Yes, I probably could (doesn't me I will though).

Q. Where do you live?
A. In a house.

Recent Projects:
HolyCheese Episode 1
HolyCheese Short
Music Video Project

Matt is Coming

2007-08-01 16:58:07 by micsa

Join Matt, Simon and Alex as they go on some wackey adventours this summer.
Coming soon to a newgrounds near you
only on newgrounds (and bebo).

25th August 2007